Birthday/travel announcement!


One of my travel projects is to try and spend every birthday in a different country (or, as many different countries as possible). This is because I spent birthdays 1 to 22 in Australia (barring 11 in Fiji), then 23 in England and 24 in France. I turn 25 next month and I will officially be spending it in New York City with my boyfriend and my oldest friend, Amy, whom I’ve known for 20 years and who shares my birthday.

I last went to New York five years ago, even though I swore at the time that I would be back at least once a year. I spent two and a half weeks falling in love with the theatres, the delis, the museums, the shopping, the Park and the Ben and Jerry’s shop we used to check our email in (no laptop, iPad or iPhone back then!). I went with my musical theatre friend Benita and we saw 24 shows. Yep, that is a show every single day and sometimes two. We had a very comprehensive schedule of when rush/student/lottery tickets were on for different shows and we managed to see a lot of them for $20-$30. Did I mention we were also below the legal drinking age at the time (not that that stopped us)? Benita is moving to

Me with the Naked Cowboy

Me with the Naked Cowboy

New York later this year to begin the prestigious Master of Fine Arts (Directing) at Columbia University, so I’m sure to be back again.

Luckily, both of my companions for my upcoming sojourn are massively into theatre (particularly musicals) as well, so I am looking forward to catching some shows this time round, and also getting some higher quality pictures than last time round, when my camera was mega shitty and I had no sense of framing. I’m also looking forward to revisiting the first place I ever travelled to without my parents as someone who has now done a lot of travelling.

So, from June 2 to June 9, watch out world! I will be hitting the Big Apple with two of the humans I love best, turning a quarter-century with my oldest friend and “twin.” Can’t wait.


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