Hello, I’m Viv and this is my blog. I’m an Australian writer and digital nomad, travelling the world after coming to terms with what I’ve known for a long time: working for other people just doesn’t work for me. My travel goal is to have birthdays in as many different countries as possible. So far I have:

  • Australia (1-10, 12-22)
  • Fiji (11)
  • UK (23)
  • France (24)

And I have just confirmed that 2013’s birthday location will be the USA! I shall be turning 25 in New York City!

Why Two Hands Free?

I have always had a problem with overpacking. And hoarding. And having too many clothes. Over the years, I’ve slowly been getting better, learning what you should bring when you travel and what you should leave at home; what you should buy and what you should leave at the cute little store, even though it’s not that expensive. I’ve also been slowly cutting down on my enormous wardrobe, and trying to explain to my boyfriend that this is a difficult task because of how emotionally attached I am to my clothes. At the moment, I am of no fixed address, which is incredibly liberating, but my possessions are in four different cities in different parts of the world. I’m working on bringing that figure down.

Places I’ve been

Lived in England for two years








New Zealand


Travel bucket list (in no particular order)

Go on African safari

Hire a campervan and drive around European wineries

Roadtrip across America

Stay in one of those over-the-water huts on a tropical island

Learn to ski

Float in the Dead Sea

Raise a family on the road (this one is pretty long-term… but I do have someone who might be willing to participate in the creation and maintenance of this hypothetical family)

Live on a boat for a year

Visit the Red Centre of Australia

Go to Harajuku in Tokyo

Take the India Pacific Railroad

Live in New York City

Live in Canada

Live in San Francisco

Fly first class, just once


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