Plane food

I’m the only one who loves plane food

It’s true, I’m a genuine fan. I get excited about flying largely because of the plane food. I’ve been told that I’m totally insane, but I’m going to give the reasons why I like it here:

Plane food


The little tray with its perfectly proportioned compartments for the different parts of the meal. The cutlery with salt, pepper and napkin in a bag. A tiny juice, a mini water, pats of butter and cheese individually wrapped. SO MUCH FUN.

You always get a starter, main and dessert plus extras like cheese and crackers. It’s usually pretty healthy (vegetables and fruit are frequent visitors), and you can choose your main. TIP: If your bread roll and butter are a bit chilly, heat them up by resting them on the main while you eat the starter.

If you’re not full, don’t worry, there’s more. This is especially true of long haul flights that often have a basket of snacks in the preparation area, or even hot snacks on call. On my NY flight there were only about 6 hours of flight time and I got dinner and breakfast, plus nuts! I’m sure it’s a tactic to keep the cattle class docile, but I’m cool with that.

Even though you’ve paid for it many times over, the free alcohol is great, as long as you ensure you match your drinks with water. I didn’t learn for years that youcould also just ask for more. I have a friend of a friend who used to be a flight attendant. You can ask them for anything. Don’t feel bad about it, after all, you paid for it! Just don’t go overboard – I once sat next to a guy who was cut off after seven glasses of red.

Yeah, sometimes it can be a little glutinous and it’s certainly not gourmet, but I generally find the taste to be pretty good. And I have certain standards (I haven’t eaten a McDonald’s burger in about 8 years). But it’s hot and comforting.

Anyone else like plane food? I can’t be the only one.